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Bigger and better Barb’s

Published on: 
Friday, March 9, 2018

A big new Barb’s Fish and Chips has just been towed across from the lower mainland, and is settling in at Fisherman’s Wharf. GVHA and Heavy Metal Marine Group were on site to help carry out the project, which involved temporarily taking a piece out of one of the docks to allow access, swapping the old building with the new, reconnecting the utilities, and closing everything up again. Now Barb’s owner, Ian Poyntz, has until next month to get ready for another busy season.

“So much of the process was worrying about the move and asking ‘what ifs.’ What if there’s a strong wind, or what if a boat hits our backside?” he says. “With a metal building, it only takes a little bump to cause damage. There were many obstacles but everything has gone right. The tow over was picture perfect. It was a beautiful sunny day and the ocean was flat.”

Construction on the new Barb’s building was completed in Delta, on the Fraser River. The structure is a foot and a half deeper, and 15 feet longer, with a second floor which will be used as a staff room. Barb’s has also increased their cooking capacity by adding additional fryers, which means customers will get their food faster.