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In case of emergency

Published on: 
Thursday, February 22, 2018

GVHA has been working on emergency management response plans for three properties—Fisherman’s Wharf, the Inner Harbour, and Ogden Point—step-by-step guides for managing emergencies from an oil spill to an earthquake. The plans provide guidelines for working most effectively with safety partners.

“In the event of an emergency on our property, GVHA’s main role is to alert and assist first responders in any way we can,” says environmental projects coordinator Al-Nashir Charania. “Does the fire department have appropriate access to the site? Are there gates or other barricades that are preventing responders from doing their jobs?”

For all our properties, we have dedicated incident commanders who make decisions based on the guidelines in the emergency response plans, and working with responders once they’re on site. They had a quick response to a vessel fire last summer at the fuel dock at Fisherman’s Wharf. The Victoria Fire Department and the Canadian Coast Guard were on scene almost immediately, deciding ultimately to push the boat away from the dock, where it burned and started to sink before being salvaged.

Each incident we respond to further teaches us something about how to best handle emergency situations, and which elements of the plan have to be enhanced and clarified. GVHA’s emergency response procedures are available on our website.