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D dock renovations complete

Published on: 
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Recent structural repairs to D dock on Wharf Street have added an estimated 15 years to its lifespan, accommodating the largest vessels visiting the Inner Harbour, and supplying three-phase power and shore power. GVHA project manager Simon Renvoize oversees all large capital infrastructure and maintenance projects, including the recent repairs to D dock, and though the project had a weather delay, he believes the repairs were a worthwhile investment at $100k. “The dock is much sturdier now,” he says.

Prior to the repairs, seawater and wave movement had corroded and loosened panels on the dock. The recent repairs replaced 32 panels with a new GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) material that is strong enough to walk on, but much lighter than the original concrete billets. The new material is non-slip, doesn’t corrode or rot, and is now used across GVHA facilities on ramps and docks.  During panel replacements, it was discovered that the electric feeder cable — feeding the main cables that supply power for the boats — also needed work. 

“We found that the main plastic sheath around the cable had worn through to copper cable,” Simon explains. “Some cables were also so heavily bound with growth that they were getting drawn down towards the seabed with sheer weight of growth causing more rubbing of the wires, and connections at the fuse panels being pulled out.” These repairs to D dock complete the full scope of recently identified repair work, including a $65k steel pile replacement in 2013.

Photo: GVHA project manager Simon Renvoize