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Greener fleet at Ogden Point

Published on: 
Friday, November 3, 2017

In 2018, cruise passengers arriving in Victoria will be able to board cleaner, greener, quieter buses. A new joint venture between coach operators CVS and The Wilson’s Group, called Pacific North West Transportation Services (PNWTS) is investing in a newer fleet, and soon there won’t be any vehicle older than 2005 on the Ogden Point terminal. The newer buses with have lower emissions and quieter engines than older fleets, along with new safety features for a more comfortable excursion. Each new bus on the terminal will also have quieter back-up technology, to eliminate back-up beeping noise.

Electric technology such as the CVS bus currently in operation at Ogden Point, will be on the horizon. Electric vehicles use no fossil fuels, produce no emissions, and ride almost silently. As part of GVHA and PNWT’s agreement, the cruise shuttle service currently operating at Ogden Point will be fully electric within five years. 

Photo: As part of a new joint venture between CVS and The Wilson’s Group, Ogden Point’s cruise shuttle fleet will be fully electric within five years.