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GVHA powers up

Published on: 
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Vessels coming into the harbour are using more power than ever before (think cellphones, hair-dryers, and other conveniences) and to meet the demand, GVHA recently completed a $60,000 project to replace the power kiosk at Causeway Marina and install new power cables that connect from the main BC hydro tunnel under Government Street. The project doubled the power capacity from 200amp to 400amp. It puts GVHA in a good position for future growth and the prospect of accommodating larger vessels.

“On several occasions leading up to this project, particularly over the harsh winter, we had big fuses blown in the marina because the transformer was absolutely fried,” explains GVHA project manager Simon Renvoize. “So the purpose of the project was to ensure that the vessels in the marina have the power they need, and also to give GVHA crew more control in the event of an emergency.”

Prior to these upgrades, the shut off switch was in an underground vault underneath Government Street and only BC Hydro had access, meaning GVHA employees couldn’t properly isolate power to the facilities. The new system is accessible to staff, thoroughly labeled, and simpler to navigate. To get there, the work involved drilling through the granite wall along the Inner Harbour, as well as drilling down into the causeway. Crew also had to work around the tide levels to grab the main cable and pull it 50 feet across the seabed and up into the new kiosk.

Photo: The Inner Harbour now has double the power, thanks to upgrades.