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Prepping the piers

Published on: 
Thursday, April 26, 2018

On June 1, Victoria will welcome the Norwegian Bliss, the largest cruise ship to visit our city. She’ll be docked every Friday for most of this season on the south side of Pier A, and to get ready, we’ve made a few upgrades. At 330m, she will take up most of the length of the pier, and at 168,000 tons, she’ll need some hefty lines to keep her secure and steady. For the past month, we’ve been digging in to anchor a new set of bollards that she’ll tie on to. Pier A is just over 100 years old, and is still holding strong as ships get bigger and the pier gets busier.

Terminal managers Western Stevedoring have also added some enhancements, to prepare for the 2018 cruise season, installing new lighting at Pier B to improve safety and energy efficiency. Angled away from Dallas Road, the added bonus is that we’ve reduced some of the light pollution on the surrounding community.

With a series of beautification measures (including greenery from Butchart Gardens!) and some new signage, Ogden Point will be ready to welcome more than 600,000 cruise passengers this year.