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Seagull saga (the sequel)

Published on: 
Monday, March 19, 2018

It turns out that the Sky Dancers that were previously working to deter seagulls at Ogden Point have lost effectiveness. It’s a new chapter for Western Stevedoring staff, who manage operations at Ogden Point, as they continue to search for solutions to keep the pier seagull (and seagull excrement) free.

Western Stevedoring has put up a tree—with a metal frame supporting real branches—to the Pier A warehouse roof. Initially, they were going to fix a real tree, but found that it would be too heavy for the roof. They’re hoping the tree will attract eagles looking to nest. The tree is prime real estate for an eagle, with wideset branches ideal for building a home and a location that ensures mama bird can fish and watch her eaglets at the same time. And if Pier A successfully becomes eagle territory, the seagulls will move to new stomping grounds. “Now we keep our fingers crossed and wait,” says Western Stevedoring’s Sam Gregg. “We hope an eagle will move in soon.”