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Seagulls get a friendly scare

Published on: 
Monday, September 11, 2017

If you’ve walked around Ogden Point lately, you may have noticed the resident “Sky Dancers” waving around on the piers. The large, tube-shaped figures are filled with air and commonly used for advertising, but as Western Stevedoring has found out, they also make excellent “scaregulls”.

Before installing the Sky Dancers, Western had tried an array of different bird deterrents. “We tried owl statues, laser beams, water sprinklers,” says John Briant, general manager at Western. “Absolutely nothing worked.” He adds that a TV show about this method of deterring seals from climbing aboard docks and boats in Los Angeles gave him a new idea. “I thought we may as well try it… and they work!”

Before finding this solution to the bird problem, John estimates that Western Stevedoring spent $1,000 or more every week to wash the docks of seagull droppings. At $400 a piece, each Sky Dancer is an excellent investment. 

Sky Dancers at Ogden Point