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Victoria on video

Published on: 
Thursday, April 26, 2018

Victoria residents and tourists alike know how picturesque our city can be, particularly on a sunny day, with our waterfront properties even drawing interest from filmmakers and location scouts. Independent location manager Paul Russell has arranged shoots on our properties for several TV movies, including crime and mystery trilogy A Fixer Upper Mystery, starring singer-songwriter Jewel Kilcher.

“It’s a treat when we get to film in Victoria,” Russel says. “The community in the harbour is always welcoming and engaged during the shooting process. We’ve worked on multiple Hallmark films there, including the Gourmet Detective series, where we blew up a boat in the Inner Harbour— using special effects after the fact of course.”

Our properties are also a popular backdrop for drone footage, commercial filming, and documentaries. All filmmakers are welcome to shoot on our facilities as long as they comply with permitting process.