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GVHA Accountability

GVHA’s Board of Directors is comprised of member agencies and their respective nominees for the Esquimalt Nation, the Songhees Nation, the City of Victoria, the Township of Esquimalt, the Victoria/Esquimalt Harbour Society, Destination Greater Victoria, The Chamber and the Capital Regional District. The Board also has four Community Directors drawn from the community at large. 

These Member Agencies control GVHA’s Constitution and Bylaws. They nominate qualified individuals to serve on the Board of Directors. Member Agencies hold the Board accountable for its direction of GVHA and the Board’s oversight of the affairs of the organization.

Member Representatives are appointed by each Member Agency to act on their behalf at GVHA’s General Meetings, including the consideration of any changes to GVHA’s Bylaws through a democratic process.

The Board of Directors guides and oversees the affairs of GVHA. The Board’s primary responsibilities include approving GVHA’s strategy, overseeing the management of enterprise risk, approving policies and operating plans, supervising the Chief Executive Officer, and the results of operations to the Member Agencies.

Directors have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of the GVHA at all times and the Board of Directors is directly accountable to the Member Agencies.

GVHA’s CEO is responsible for managing GVHA and is accountable to the Board of Directors for implementing the strategic plan.

GVHA is committed to collaborating with its Member Agencies on its plans and activities. Additionally, GVHA regularly consults and seeks input from its stakeholders.


GVHA Accountability Framework


Governance Structure