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Message from the CEO

Ian RobertsonIan Robertson, Chief Executive Officer

In late October of 2016 I welcomed several of our elected officials, Board members, stakeholders, partners and staff for an important test drive at Ogden Point. The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority was introducing the first purpose-built, fully electric double decker bus in partnership with CVS Tours. As the bus glided silently to a stop, we all got ready for a test loop downtown and back, among the first passengers on the bus.

The event was one of several standout highlights of 2016 / 17. GVHA has made important strides in environmental sustainability, not only at Ogden Point but at all our properties. An innovative incentive program at Ogden Point encouraged tour bus operators to bring newer buses into circulation, making a substantial difference in the age of bus engines on the terminal and positively affecting air quality.

I was gratified to see our efforts rewarded by the BC Lung Association, whose 2016 State of the Air Report confirmed an almost negligible level of sulphur dioxide detected at an air quality monitoring station in James Bay operated by the BC Ministry of Environment and Island Health.

GVHA has underwritten staff training in spill response and emergency planning, and built stronger partnerships with agencies including the Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, and Emergency Management BC to enhance emergency preparedness.

All of these initiatives demonstrate a clear path for GVHA’s management of its harbour properties, in line with our measured and deliberate approach to environmental and financial sustainability. It’s an approach we’ve applied to the development of the Ogden Point Master Plan, which was submitted to the City of Victoria for assessment in late December 2016.

The Master Plan is a blueprint for the future of the Ogden Point site, with a focus on social, economic, and environmental sustainability. I look forward to working with city planners and decision makers on the next steps toward making the Master Plan a reality. Enhanced staffing, added in early spring 2017 at the senior level in property development and management, along with cruise development, will help us get there.

I’m grateful for the strong support of our very hardworking Board, and Board Chair Dave Cowen, for being engaged in this process as we move forward, and I’m looking forward to another successful year.

Ian Robertson, Chief Executive Officer