Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

100-1019 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2Y9 | 250-383-8300

After Hours: 1-800-883-7079

Media Enquiries: Beattie Tartan | 250-882-7360

Marina and Moorage:
250-383-8326 | 1-877-783-8300

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Harbour Currents

Board executive elections, 2011-12 fiscal year
Seaspan tugs at Ogden Point, repairing Arctic vessels
New board members, BC Forest Service vessels
Chief Robert Sam, Buskers Festival
Grilligan's chili donations, Pride of Victoria barbeque boat
Robert Bateman Centre, cruise passenger shuttle RFQ
Speed management, shore power feasibility
Five ship calls in one day, Boat For Hope
Public Board Meeting, Chief Technical Officer
Spring Open House, cargo ship hold cleaning
Fibre optic cable at Ogden Point, cruise ship Eco Awards
General Contractor RFQ, 10-year Anniversary