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 Moorage Reservations

Commercial Operations

We encourage our client businesses to operate in a sustainable manner, and work with them to help reduce their environmental footprint. Here are some of the initiatives being undertaken by our commercial clients.

Kelp Reef Adventures

Ocean Etiquette – Kayaking in small groups and using tandem kayaks whenever possible. Groups watch marine animals in their natural habitat from a respectful distance.

Education – The company promotes conservation and respect for marine wildlife.

Green Measures – Kayak operations create no fuel or noise pollution, and leave no trace on the ocean. Kelp Reef uses refillable water bottles and avoids plastic containers. Their dock and building is constructed entirely from locally milled cedar. Their Seaward kayaks and equipment are all built locally on Vancouver Island. Employees bicycle to work most days.

Barb’s Place

Waste Oil – Barb’s Place restaurant produces close to 12,000 litres of used canola oil in a year. The oil is picked up for use as bio-diesel fuel.

RBS Seafoods

Noise Reduction – A sound screen is installed to reduce the noise emitted by reefer trucks. The trucks transport local fishermen’s catches to distribution plants.

Red Fish Blue Fish

Operations – This restaurant on the pier at the foot of Broughton Street has been 100 per cent Ocean Wise since its inception. Food stocks are locally purchased from Qualicum Bay and Fanny Bay. Compostable products are used, and customers eat using wooden cutlery that is later retrieved by Victoria waste recovery company reFUSE. The restaurant itself is housed in a recycled shipping container. The soil from a green roof on top helps to insulate the restaurant. Used canola oil sees new life as fuel in the company car.