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Blessing Ceremony

The First Nations Blessing Ceremony is a cultural ceremony that has been used for many generations. Coast Salish First Nations use the blessing to ask for safe journey and to ask for protection on land and water.  The blessing also acknowledges the ancestors that lived here in the past on the traditional lands of the Lekwungen people.

When conducting a traditional First Nations Blessing Ceremony, the host starts by blanketing the spiritual leaders, who are able to communicate with the two worlds.

When you bear witness to a Blessing Ceremony, you respect and honour the elders and the host by maintaining silence throughout the ceremony. The blanketing part is for the protection of the spiritual person that is doing the blessing. It is about the ancestors that have lived here before us. There are tears that are still on the ground, and the people that have been blanketed need to protect themselves from any harm to themselves or to their family. Because everything is alive, with every step you take in life you have to thank the caretakers for a safe journey.

A thank you, or a prayer in your own words to acknowledge the true caretakers of the land and water, is appropriate to help keep you and your family protected from any harm.


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