Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

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After Hours: 1-800-883-7079 (5 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.)

 Moorage Reservations

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to find your question here, please feel free to contact us—we will be happy to assist you!

Festivals and Events

  • How do I become a vendor or busker in the Inner Harbour?

    Contact the Harbour Festivals Program Coordinator, Joseph Gonyeau, at 250-516-1769 / or visit the Vendors and Buskers page for more information.

  • How can I participate at the Ogden Point markets?

    Contact Deanna Young at 250-727-5989 or email

  • How can I apply to operate a food truck in the Inner Harbour?

    Contact the Harbour Festivals Program Coordinator, Joseph Gonyeau at or 250-516-1769 or visit the Vendors and Buskers page for more information.

  • Where can I get more information on the Barge events?

    Contact Deanna Young at 250-727-5989 or email

  • How do I apply for in-kind sponsorship?

    Please visit our Sponsorship page to view application documents. For questions regarding in-kind sponsorship, contact our Events Coordinator at 250-383-8300 ext.234. 

  • How do I apply to have an event on GVHA property?

    Contact our Events Coordinator at 250-383-8300 ext.234. For more information on event planning, visit the Events page.

  • How do I leave feedback for an event on GVHA property?

    Please visit our Feedback page and fill out the form provided.

  • Do you have a calendar of events that take place on your property?

    Yes – please visit our Events page for a full list of currently scheduled events.

Business Opportunities

  • How do I advertise at Ogden Point?

    You have two options:

    1. To advertise at the Information Kiosk - contact Tourism Victoria at 250-414-6973
    2. To advertise elsewhere at the terminal - contact Lindsay Gaunt at
  • How do I advertise my business on the cruise ships?

    Cruise line tour contracts are direct with the cruise lines. They are awarded well in advance of the season. You need to apply directly with the cruise lines. If you would like to offer your tour through another tour company that already has a contract with the cruise line please contact:

  • Can I directly solicit business on the terminal?

    Contact Western Stevedoring at 250-386-1321 to apply for a permit.

  • I want to rent storage space at Ogden Point, who do I contact?

    For internal warehouse storage space, please contact Western Stevedoring 250-386-1321. 

Marinas and Moorage

  • How do I make a moorage reservation?

    You can make a reservation inquiry online by visiting the Reservations page, or you can contact our office at 250-383-8326 ext.265 or ext.235 or email

  • Do your marinas allow live-aboard or long-term moorage?

    We offer year round and low season moorage. Both programs offer limited live-aboard moorage. For more information contact our Marina Service Administrator at or 250-383-8326 ext.242.

  • How do I enter Victoria Harbour by vessel?

    Kindly refer to the Port of Victoria Traffic Scheme and familiarize yourself with the Victoria Harbour regulations. If you are entering Canada from foreign waters, you must clear Customs prior to berthing your vessel.

  • Where do I go to clear Canada Customs?

    The Canada Customs float in Victoria is now located at Raymur Point, between Fisherman's Wharf and the Coast Harbourside Hotel marina. As you pass the float homes at the east end of Fisherman’s Wharf, you will see a single long dock with yellow cones capping the tops of the pilings—that is the Canada Customs float.

    If you have any questions about clearing Customs, please contact Canada Border Services Agency at 1-888-226-7277.

  • What is involved in purchasing a float home at Fisherman's Wharf?

    Float homes moored at Fisherman’s Wharf are privately owned.  Float homes for sale are often listed via MLS listings. Once the potential purchaser and vendor come to an agreement on business terms GVHA accepts applications from buyers for float homes at Fisherman's Wharf for the current license term. Buying a float home does not include ownership of or rights to the water lot. For more information please visit our Float Home page for a step by step guide.

  • Can I operate a business out of a float home at Fisherman's Wharf?

    City of Victoria zoning permits Live/work float homes at the head of fingers A, B and C. If you own a float home and would like to run a business from it, you can submit a business proposal to GVHA. Approval also requires submitting all municipal, provincial and federal permits and approvals needed to run a business in Victoria. Additional charges apply to the section of the float home used for commerce.

Harbour Waterways and Activities

  • Who has jurisdiction over the seaplanes in the Harbour?

    Transport Canada and Nav Canada regulate seaplane activity in the Harbour. Issues and concerns can be directed to the Harbour Master at 250-363-3578.

  • Who do I call regarding activity in the Harbour Waterway "up to" Selkirk Trestle?

    Contact the Harbour Master at 250-363-3578.

  • Who do I call for concerns/issues "past" the Selkirk Trestle waterway?

    Contact the Canadian Coast Guard at 250-363-6333 or the Police at 250-995-7654.

  • Who do I call regarding a derelict vessel anchored "past" the Selkirk Trestle waterway?

    Contact the City of Victoria bylaw officer at 250-361-0268.

  • Who do I call for an emergency situation?

    Contact Emergency Services at 9-1-1.

  • Who do I call for oil spills in the Harbour?

    Contact the Canadian Coast Guard at 1-800-889-8852.

  • Who do I call to report silt/discharge from a drain into the Harbour?

    Contact the City of Victoria Pollution at 778-679-1624.

  • Who do I call for sick, injured, distressed or dead marine mammals?

    Contact the Department of Fisheries (BC Marine Mammal Response Network) at 1-800-465-4336 or VHF Channel 16. For more information visit Fisheries & Oceans Canada

  • Who do I contact for permission to dive in the Inner/Outer Harbour?

    Contact the Harbour Master at 250-363-3578.

  • Who do I notify if I see whale watching boats too close to pods?

    Contact Straight Watch at 250-590-7723.

  • Who do I call to raise the Johnson Street Bridge?

    Contact 250-385-5717.

Cruise Related Operations

  • Where can I find the cruise ship schedules?

    Visit the Cruise page of our website. The schedule provides information including ship's estimated time of arrival, time of departure, where it is coming from and where it sails to next.

  • Who do I contact to confirm if a ship is on schedule?

    Contact Western Stevedoring at 250-386-1321.

  • When cruise ships are in port, can locals arrange a visit to go onboard?

    No, not typically.  All onboard cruise activity must be arranged directly with the Ship’s Agent.

  • How do I get a job on a cruise ship?

    For employment onboard a cruise ship, please contact cruise lines directly or visit

  • Where can I park long-term at Ogden Point?

    The parking lots at Ogden Point are managed by Robbins Parking. Long-term parking is available in the lot beside Helijet. This link shows you the locations, restrictions, and costs. Please call Robbins Parking at 250-382-4411 to arrange your parking.

  • How do I report speeding cruise related vessels?

    Contact the Victoria City Police Department to report speeding vehicles at 250-995-7654.

  • Are cruise ships authorized to make onboard intercom announcements?

    Yes – onboard announcements are permitted, however we ask that all outdoor PA systems are turned down as low as possible and to be kept to a minimum. Reasons for on board announcements are often security and safety exercises, inspections, drills, etc.

  • Who do I contact if noise levels on the terminal are unreasonably loud?

    During regular business hours please contact our corporate office at 250-383-8300.  Outside of regular business hours please contact our after-hours line at 1-800-883-7079.

  • How do I report a complaint regarding the activities at Ogden Point?

    Please visit our Feedback page and fill out the form provided. Receiving your complaint in writing provides us with full detail of your concern and helps us respond most appropriately.

  • Who determines and designates the traffic routing to / from Ogden Point?

    The City of Victoria / Engineering Department at 250-361-0300.

Cruise Visitors

  • Do I require a travel Visa when arriving by cruise ship to Victoria?

    Contact the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) by email at or through the Border Information Service line at 1-800-461-9999.

  • Do I need a Passport?

    Visitors should carry their passport with them at all times, it is their officially-recognized identification in Canada.

    While Canada Customs’ already has all passenger information, including passport numbers, from the Cruise Line, they will conduct random passport checks.

    It is not required for visitors to have their passport stamped, however, if a guest would like to have their passport stamped and didn’t as they passed through Customs, they must return back through the gate and go past Customs again to ask for a stamp. No-one except Canada Customs has the stamp, so if the Customs agents have left the Terminal, the visitor will not be able to get a stamp at that time.

  • Do I need permission to get off and not return to the ship?

    Yes you must contact your cruise line provider prior to permanently departing the ship.

  • How long does it take to walk to downtown Victoria (Inner Harbour)?

    Depending on what route you take, it can be a 30-40 minute walk into downtown Victoria.

    • Scenic Harbour Walk route: Dallas Road to Fisherman’s Wharf, boardwalk to Laurel Point and along Belleville Street to Government Street. This route generally takes about 40 minutes to walk.  It is about 2.5 km or 1.5 miles.
    • Fastest Route: Dallas Road to Oswego Street straight down to Belleville Street and along to Government Street. This generally takes about 30 minutes to walk.  This route is about 2 km or 1.25 miles.

    * Keep in mind that these times do not include any time taken to stop and sightsee along the way.

    Please visit our walking route map.

  • What are the transportation options to get into downtown Victoria?

    • Walk (30 to 40 minutes)
    • Ogden Point Cruise Shuttle (operates on a 20 minute schedule)
    • Taxi (approximately $10 one way, confirm with driver)
    • Bike (rentals available from Pier B)
    • Pedicab (available from Pier A and B, prices vary based on tour selected)
    • Public Transit (Route #2 James Bay / South Oak Bay / Willows: Picks up on Dallas Road at Southbound Dallas Road and Montreal Street, and passengers can get off behind the BC Legislature or further up on Douglas Street in downtown. This route generally runs on a 20 minute schedule. Please note that $2.50 Canadian exact change or a $5 bill for two people is required. Day passes can be purchased on board the buses for $5 per person and permit unlimited travel for the day. US currency accepted by drivers.)
  • What are the wheelchair/scooter accessible transportation options from Ogden Point?

    • Ogden Point Cruise Shuttle: all busses are wheelchair accessible with a ramp and ample room on board the bus.
    • Taxi: several of the taxi companies have wheelchair accessible vans available.
    • Private cars/limos: Based on availability, wheelchair accessible vehicles can be hired. Speak to the drivers directly for detailed information.
    • Public Transit: all BC Transit busses in Victoria are wheelchair accessible with a ramp and ample room on board the bus.
  • What tours are available from Ogden Point?

    • Shore excursions vary per cruise line, visitors should be directed to any shore excursion staff for availability and options (These tours usually consist of Butchart Gardens shuttles, horse drawn carriage rides, whale watching, walking tours, bike tours, High Tea at the Empress, city tours, Abkhazi Gardens tours & tea, and several others).
    • Victoria Pedicab Company: Cruise Ship Tour departs directly from the cruise ship terminal. Direct guests straight to the guides to discuss the details and offerings of the tours available.
    • Private Cars & Limos for hire: Parked in the Pier A and B parking lots are several private cars & limos that are available for hire. They offer tours to Butchart Gardens and City Tours and are able to personalize any tours to suit visitor needs. There may be wheelchair accessible vans/limos available.
    • Taxi Tours: Taxis can be hired for a tour of the City that can be personalized to suit visitor needs and budget.
  • How do I get to Butchart Gardens and how far away is it?

    The gardens are approximately 24km/15 miles away from the Ogden Point Cruise Ship Terminal. Options for travel to the Gardens from the Terminal:

    • Shore Excursions from the cruise line which will leave directly from Ogden Point.
    • Taxi: Approximately 45 minute drive one way, pricing to be confirmed with driver.
    • Private Cars/Limos: Offer Butchart Gardens and City tours departing directly from Ogden Point.
    • Public Transit: Route #31 to Royal Oak Exchange, transfer to Route #75 at the Royal Oak Exchange, bus continues on to Butchart Gardens (over an hour bus ride, $2.50 one way).

    Note: Garden admission will be an additional cost for some of the above options.

  • If I am already downtown are there tours to get to Butchart Gardens?

    Depending on time of day, CVS operates a round-trip Butchart Gardens Shuttle from the Empress Hotel running daily, takes approximately 35 minutes from the Empress hotel one way to get to the gardens (schedule changes throughout the spring and summer season). Or visit the downtown Tourist Information Centre.

  • How long does it take to walk to Beacon Hill Park and what can we see there?

    Beacon Hill Park is approximately 2.5 km or 1.5 miles from Ogden Point.

    • The walk will take about 20-25 minutes directly down Dallas road to Douglas Street, along which there are several entrances into the park (Douglas Street, Dallas Road, Cook Steet, etc.).
    • Multiple pathways winding through beautiful gardens, duck ponds and treed areas – watch for the turtles sunning themselves on rocks and logs in the ponds.
    • You will see resident peacocks roaming through the park, and be sure to visit the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm located in the south end of the park; great for families. Entry by donation.
  • Where can I get a Hop-On / Hop-Off bus tour or city tour?

    • Shore Excursions (only option directly from Ogden Point).
    • The Empress Hotel: Gray Line Sightseeing Victoria (Hop-On, Hop-Off), CVS Tours (City Tour – no option for on and off).
    • 811 Government Street (In front of the Spirit of Victoria Gift Shop, between Wharf St. & Courtney St.): Big Bus Victoria Hop On, Hop-Off city tours.
  • Where do horse drawn carriage rides depart from?

    • The only departures from Ogden point are through Shore Excursions.
    • Both Victoria Carriage Tours & Tally-Ho Carriage Tours depart from the corner of Menzies St. & Belleville St.
    • Both can drop-off at Ogden Point if requested in advance (please note this may affect the length of your tour).
  • How far away is Craigdarroch Castle and how do I get there?

    • Approximately 4.5 km/2.8miles away, 15 minute drive from Ogden Point.
    • Located at 1050 Joan Crescent (off of Fort Street).
    • Walking will take about 50-60 minutes.
    • This is a stop on the hop-on / hop-off bus tours that can be taken from Downtown.
    • Private cars will included the castle as an option for their tours.
    • Public Transit: Route #31 Royal Oak Exchange/James Bay picks up on Dallas Road at Southbound Dallas Road and Montreal Street. Passengers should get off at the Northbound Douglas Street and Fort Street stop to get bus # 11, 14, or 15 on Eastbound Fort Street and Douglas Street (on Fort Street), get off at Fort and Fernwood stop, walk up Joan Crescent to the castle. This trip takes about 25 minutes in total.
  • What is the Abkhazi Garden and where is it located?

    • Several of the cruise ships advertise a tour to this garden under the name “Secret Garden Tour”. Send visitors to speak with Shore Excursions from cruise line to see if there is still room on their tours leaving directly from Ogden Point (as per GVHA instructions).
    • Located at 1964 Fairfield Road, just past Foul Bay Road.
    • With evening ship arrivals the gardens are not open to the public, only to those who have booked the shore excursion tour through their cruise line.
    • During the day, visitors can get to the Abkhazi Gardens not only via shore excursion, but also by walking, taxi, limo or public transit.
    • Entrance by donation to the gardens, the Teahouse is a separate cost.
  • Where are the downtown shopping areas located?

    • Government Street is considered the main shopping street with lower Johnston Street, Yates Street and Fort Street as the main branch of locations for shopping
    • The Bay Centre is the downtown mall with over 90 stores. The main entrances are on Government Street and Douglas Street.
    • Market Square is a unique shopping square with several local boutiques and shops in heritage brick-and-beam buildings surrounding an open air courtyard. The main entrance is off of lower Johnston Street.
  • Where is Chinatown and how do I get there?

    • Chinatown is located at the Fisgard Street and Government Street intersection in downtown Victoria – it is about 2.2 km or 1.4 miles from Ogden Point.
    • The walk is approximately 35-45 minutes from Ogden Point (scenic route vs. fastest route)
    • Taxis are about $12.00 and a ten minute drive
    • The Ogden Point Shuttle bus will drop you off about a 5 minute walk down Government Street from Chinatown.
  • Where can I find souvenirs?

    • There is the Beaver Gift shop located at both Pier A & B at Ogden Point – one of these shops will always be open when a cruise ship is in port.
    • The market at Ogden Point – market hours are contingent on cruise schedule
    • Downtown on Government Street from Wharf Street through to Fisgard Street is the main souvenir hub for the downtown area as well as along the Inner Harbour.
  • Do I need to exchange my US currency into Canadian and where is a currency exchange?

    • It is not mandatory to exchange USD into Canadian, credit cards are always useful as the Alaskan cruise ship passengers are only in Canada for a short period of time.
    • Most stores will accept US currency or credit cards; it is for smaller purchases or small businesses where it could become an issue.
    • There is an ATM at Ogden Point that dispenses Canadian dollars.
    • There is a currency exchange at Pier B, Ogden Point – hours of operation will be contingent upon the cruise ship visits. The same company, FX Connectors will also have a downtown location at Suite 106 - 1208 Wharf St. near the Victoria Regent Hotel, open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.
    • If you purchase something with USD, you will receive Canadian change not American.
  • Where is Western Union / Money Mart?

    • Scotiabank offers Western Union services to anyone with a Scotiabank bank account – rates are much more reasonable than any of the other options. The nearest Scotiabank is at 702 Yates Street at Douglas Street.
    • Closest Western Union agent is located in Cash Money at 1483 Douglas St. (corner of Douglas St. and Pandora Ave.).
    • Closest Money Mart is located at 1720 Douglas St. (between Herald St. and Fisgard St.)
    • Moneygrams can be sent from most Canada Post outlets. The closest to Ogden Point is in the Pharmasave at 230 Menzies (James Bay Square).
  • Where is the closest pharmacy located?

    • The closest pharmacy to Ogden Point can be found in James Bay Square (Menzies & Simcoe) at either the Thrifty Foods or Pharmasave.
    • 15 minute walk from Ogden Point via Dallas Road to Menzies Street and Simcoe Street.
    • Downtown, there is a Rexall Drug Store located at 912 Douglas Street (between Courtney and Broughton streets) as well as the Cridge Pharmacy at the corner of Fort and Broad Streets.
  • Where is the closest grocery store located?

    Thrifty Foods in James Bay Square (open 24hrs) is about a 15 minute walk from Ogden Point via Dallas Road to Menzies Street and Simcoe Street.

  • Are there washrooms at the Ogden Point Terminal?

    Yes, there are washrooms available at both Pier A and B near the gift stores on each Pier. The newly-renovated washroom at Pier B has a baby changing station. Other fully accessible washrooms with baby changing stations are available in the Breakwater Café and as well as at Fisherman’s Wharf.

  • Where can I find food and beverages nearby?

    Breakwater Café & Bistro open 9 am – 11 pm

    • Casual menu
    • Alcohol served all day (beer, wine and cider until 4pm when a full bar opens)
    • Baby changing table available in the Accessible washroom

    Fisherman’s Wharf

    • Various food outlets
    • Outside seating options
  • Are there any activities nearby the terminal?

    Ogden Point Breakwater

    • Less than 1 km long – about ½ mile
    • Unity Wall Mural – longest First Nations mural in Canada. It depicts the history of both the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations.

    Beacon Hill Park

    • Beacon Hill Park is approximately 2.5 km or 1.5 miles from Ogden Point. The walk will take about 20-25 minutes directly down Dallas road to Douglas Street, along which there are several entrances into the park (Douglas Street, Dallas Road, Cook Street, etc.)
    • Multiple pathways winding through beautiful gardens, duck ponds and treed areas – watch for the turtles sunning themselves on rocks and logs in the ponds.
    • You will see resident peacocks roaming through the park and be sure to visit the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm, located in the south end of the park; great for families.  Entry by donation.
  • Is there any tourism information available at the terminal?

    Yes - Tourism Victoria operates an information kiosk at Ogden Terminal where visitors can find information on local tours and attractions.  The kiosk will open 30 minutes before a ship’s arrival, and stay open for a minimum of two hours. Depending on business volume, staff will keep the kiosk open beyond the two hours.

    If the kiosk is closed, visitors can visit Destination Greater Victoria website at for more information.

  • Where can I buy a souvenir of my stop in Victoria if I don’t want to go into downtown?

    There are Gift Shop locations at both Pier A and Pier B which are open when there are cruise ships in port.  Pier A shop will only be open when there is a ship docked at Pier A.  Hours vary based on the cruise ship schedule.

  • Where do I meet with friends and family to pick me up? What if we have mobility issues?

    There are two Robbins parking lots located at Ogden Point. One is at the North Entrance (Helijet entrance) and one is closer to the breakwater, accessed through the South entrance near the Breakwater Café. The best place to meet guests is right beside the Tourism Victoria Info kiosks, located outside to the right of the customs doors at both piers.  If mobility is a concern please speak with a Commissionaire on site who can direct them to the nearest and safest place to park.

  • Is there parking available at the terminal?

    Yes, there is public parking available at Ogden Point managed by Robbins Parking.

  • Is there wifi available at the terminal?

    There is free WIFI available at Ogden Point, most easily accessed near the buildings at the Pier. The network is Ogden Point WiFi and there is no password.

  • Are there any events at Ogden Point?

    Yes there are many events that take place at Ogden Point.  Please visit the Information Kiosk for the event calendar.  Some events include:

    • Breakwater Market
    • Saturday Night Cruise Ins
    • Victoria’s Finest Food Trucks
    • Extraordinary local libations such as Craft Beer from Phillips, Hoyne & Driftwood, Sea Cider and lovely wines and great music on the Breakwater Barge