Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

100-1019 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2Y9 | 250-383-8300

After Hours: 1-800-883-7079 (5 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.)

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Public Input at GVHA Board Meetings

GVHA welcomes public opinions, ideas and comments, and there are three ways to communicate directly with our board.

1. Community consultative meeting Q + A:

Held twice a year in spring and fall, community consultative meetings will include a 30-minute question and answer period with the GVHA board chair and CEO. When recognized, please give your name and (if applicable) your organization or affiliation. You will have up to five minutes to speak, and GVHA reserves the right to use a timing device to ensure that all attendees who wish to speak have the opportunity. Comments or questions must be relevant to GVHA, and the Chair may respond to your question or comment, or refer it to the CEO.
Dates and times for community consultative meetings can be found here once they’re confirmed.

2. Quarterly board meetings

Group or organization representatives can make a presentation to the board at one of our quarterly board meetings (generally held March, June, September, and December). You will have five minutes to address the board as part of the day’s agenda. A request to present must be received by the GVHA board administrator 14 days in advance of the meeting, and presentations must be received ten days in advance.
Contact the board administrator.

3. Contact the GVHA board chair

Members of the public are welcome to write to the Board of Directors at any time at .