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Greening marine

EcoStar Awards
Published on: 
Wednesday, December 6, 2017

For the first time, the annual EcoStar Awards recognized sustainability in the marine industry – with support from GVHA. We were approached by EcoStar organizers Synergy to create and underwrite the new Maritime Industry Award, which was awarded this year to cargo company DP World.

The annual awards presentation recognizes BC businesses for innovation in green tech and sustainably. GVHA environmental projectors coordinator Al-Nashir Charania was involved in identifying potential nominees for the award. “When a business is celebrated for taking steps to mitigate their impact, they can then share the success with shareholders and stakeholders, which often means further investment in green initiatives.”

As a coastal awards program, Synergy was eager to expand the program to include marine industry. “We were so excited to have GVHA on board this year to sponsor this award,” says Synergy’s Jen Fraser. “This year we had over 75 businesses represented at our gala, and it was inspiring to hear snippets about why the winners were selected. In the words of DP World’s Terminal Manager, Pamela Fry: ‘When you see longshoremen out planting a vegetable garden and watering it from the bucket they collected water in, it is truly something to be proud of!’”