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Decking the docks

Redecking at Ship Point docks
Published on: 
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The mooring dock at Ship Point that’s home to whale watcher Orca Spirit has had a makeover. The GVHA maintenance crew stripped the dock of its old, splintered cedar and replaced the panels with new decking, improving the dock’s look and safety features. “The deck surface was pretty old and ratty looking,” says maintenance supervisor Tim North. “We now have a new walking surface down there, which should make Orca Spirit customers a lot happier, and improve the look of our facilities.”

It’s a project that required the maintenance crew to work around the tides. During winter, tides tend to be higher during the day and working hours, which can be a challenge for marine construction. Crew had to time their work schedule to ensure there was enough physical space for them to access the underbelly of the structure, and overall, the re-decking took about a week for two crew members to finish and a good amount of pressurized, construction-grade lumber.