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Symphony Splash
Published on: 
Friday, February 16, 2018

Summer holiday weekends are more and more popular in Victoria every year, and we see our marinas fill up earlier and earlier. When GHVA marina staff opened marina reservations for 2018 reservations last fall, there was a tidal wave of requests, with the holiday long weekends filling up almost immediately. There’s currently a waiting list for the Canada Day weekend as well as the weekend of Symphony Splash in August.

We asked reservations assistant Michelle Dye to share some tips for securing a spot early for next year. Her number-one suggestion was to keep tabs on and check for updates, as we book on a first come, first served basis. She recommends that boaters should touch base with us as early as September for the following summer, for updates on when booking will begin.

“People are crazy about Symphony Splash and the weekend books up quickly,” Michelle says. “We were blasted with requests as soon as it was announced on our website that we were taking reservations for 2018.” GVHA is in the process of reviewing its online moorage booking function, to make it easier to secure reservations, with a plan to roll out a new procedure for the 2019 boating season.