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A blooming welcome

Welcome to Vic Flowers
Published on: 
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

While the rest of Canada is dormant under harsh winter conditions, the Pacific Northwest reaps the benefits of a mild climate — temperate weather and minimal snowfall. Even in the peak of winter, Victorians can spot plant life existing happily around the city. Along the Inner Harbour, the “Welcome to Victoria” flower bed contains weather-hardy winter annuals, each letter a testament to our unique ecosystem.

So how do we choose which flowers to plant during the cold months? We do it with a little help from the experts. We contract out the flower bed to Horizon Nurseries and Landscaping, which takes care of the design, seeding, and maintenance of the sign. The company grows their own crop of flowers each year in greenhouses, providing us with season-appropriate plants. Over the winter, English daises and pansies are usually used in the “Welcome to Victoria” flower bed, as they’re winter-hardy and bloom in the harshest conditions.