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Telling our story at Seatrade

Seatrade blog
Published on: 
Thursday, February 22, 2018

We already know how much tourists love visiting Victoria, and we’ll be bringing that message to cruise executives from around the world at this year’s Seatrade conference in Fort Lauderdale. GVHA is attending the conference with several Victoria partners, including Tourism Victoria, the Butchart Gardens, and Pacific North West Transportation Services. We’ll be showing the cruise industry why Victoria is a premier destination, and how we’re striving to become a home port, with cruise ships beginning and ending their voyages in Victoria.

“We want cruise executives to know that we’re in this for the long term,” says Lindsay Gaunt, GVHA’s director of cruise development. “We’ve put practices in place to ensure sustainability, such as investing in greener buses. We want to grow cruise tourism in Victoria responsibly, and we want residents to continue to welcome passengers.” 

Seatrade is March 5 to 8 in Fort Lauderdale.