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Ogden Point

Best of the Breakwater

To celebrate the centennial of the Ogden Point Breakwater this year, we asked you to send in your best shots for a Breakwater photo contest. We received more than 100 great entries shot dawn to dusk, under snow and fog, selfies and family snaps, pre-handrail historical shots, and even some original artwork. GVHA staff had a hard time choosing winners, but broke it down by scenic, personal, and historical photos. Congratulations to our three winners! Watch for more entries on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the rest of the year.

Seagulls get a friendly scare

If you’ve walked around Ogden Point lately, you may have noticed the resident “Sky Dancers” waving around on the piers. The large, tube-shaped figures are filled with air and commonly used for advertising, but as Western Stevedoring has found out, they also make excellent “scaregulls”.